Submission extended till Sept 29th, 2016

Places you love are where you bring family to visit or a sanctuary for recharging your batteries. A place that embodies the spirit of the West Koot Route.

“Places People Love” is an open call to all artists to submit photos of their paintings for a high-quality, creative calendar. Paintings can be of places, architecture, artifacts, events, and people found within the region of the West Koot Route.

Provide links to photos of your paintings or descriptions of paintings you feel people will love to see.


Send us photos of your paintings, or ask about getting involved.

Deadline for final photographs is January 29th, 2016.


Each calendar month reflects its season. Artwork is needed for each season showing the seasonal colours.

Each showcased artist is selected for a month.

- Each month has 4 to 6 photos of the artist's work.

- Artist's work and website are promoted via social media.

- Stories and bio of the artist are printed in the calendar.

The Details

Allowed Mediums: Oil, acrylic, watercolor painting, pastel, graphite, pencil, ink, fabric art, stained glass, digital painting, and mixed media. Original hand pulled prints are eligible if they are 1-10 of a 10 print run edition. All work must be 2-dimensional.

November and March: These are the hardest months to find appropriate paintings. Bonus promotions and additional mentions will be given to the 2 artists selected for these months.

Cover: A separate painting will be chosen for the cover. The painting should have light colours or sky in the upper third to accommodate the calendar title. An artist may have a page in the calendar plus the cover image.

Content: The WKR reserves the right to crop any photo to allow it to fit within the calendar dimensions. The copyright of the painting and photo remains with the artist. The photos may be used on the printed calendar and promotion of the calendar via social media.

Calendar: The calendar size is 9” x 12” with textured fine paper. Each month has 1 large painting and 2 to 4 smaller paintings of similar season/colour. Blue Heron Art Enterprises is handling the design of the calendars. For testimonials and examples of their calendars, please visit, Blue Heron Art Enterprises

Submission Guidelines: Submissions can be done on Instagram, Facebook, or via email. To submit initial submissions, and for us to connect with you, please use one or more of the following methods.

Instagram: use hashtag #myWKRPainting from your own Instagram account.

Facebook: go to our West Koot Route Facebook page and post your photos to our wall.

Email: use the form above to start chatting with us.